Lilla Rogers - Make Art that Sells - Part B begins!


Part of my goals in "the Year of the Portfolio" was to take a few courses. In June Make art that Sells, a new e-course by Lilla Rogers (a great illustrator and agent whose artists I've been admiring for years) popped up in my News feed and I jumped to sign up. I'd only found out about Part A three days before the course started so when it DID start I was completely overwhelmed with the roller coaster of inspirations, assignments and trying to balance getting the work done and not having the rest of my life fall apart.

The roller coaster was well worth it. Even though I spend my days illustrating and designing (and people pay me for it!) I can't even tell you how much better my work has become. So much so that the work that I did during the course wound up being almost half of my new portfolio. Most of the work that was going to go in (pre-MATS) didn't make the cut for this redesign. Good thing Part B has just started so I can fill up my site!

Week 1 (Part B) is about the Paper Market, and assignment 1 is to make a card using Christmas ornaments and candy. Every Monday, Lilla assigns us a "mini assignment" to get the creative juices flowing. It usually involved creating icons, or playing somehow.

Immediately I started drawing my icons.

My ornaments turned into Santas!

My ornaments turned into Santas!

Icons have become a huge part of my regular practice. I'd actually started this book before the course and it came in handy as a library to look back on for future projects. I force myself to do 100 of each object/thing. It allows for the first (bad) ideas to live, interesting explorations to take place and a few proud evolutions to emerge.

Here are my final designs. In the end I flipped a coin and put the Three Happy Santas into the final assignment group. (The second design.)



I'm also taking a hand lettering course (and trying to incorporate hand lettering into the MATS assignments) and a Creative Branding course but they don't start until next week so stay tuned!